Castel Sismondo Castle in Rimini

The precious Castel Sismondo standing strong in the historic heart of Rimini is often and gladly the home of cultural events of significant artistic importance.
Its roomy indoor and outdoor areas make it one of the most favourite places for exhibitions, displays and theatrical performances. Events put on in this location mainly take place in the summer, but its numerous halls also allow them to be held in the winter, such as for example the renowned art exhibitions that are often housed by the ancient walls of this charming castle.

The history of the city Rimini is closely tied to the Malatesta family and in particular to one of its members who decided to build his beloved fortress precisely here: Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta.

His profound connection with this stronghold is immediately apparent by its name (Castel Sismondo), the name of the gentleman who commissioned and also designed it.

Among the events held at Castel Sismondo, certainly Estate al Castello (Summer at the Castle) stands out. This is a marvellous event that has been organized since 2006 whose purpose is to make this extraordinary castle known through guided tours and performances of great historic and artistic interest.

The initiative includes a series of performances each year, most of which take place during weekends. Each cycle of events includes activities for all ages and likes: tango exhibitions, public poetry and prose readings, historic commemorations, cabarets from the past and present, concerts, puppet shows and games for the younger ones, round tables, conferences, exhibitions and so much more.
The performances and initiatives mainly take place in the late afternoon and early evening (especially debates and public readings).