Happenings at Lungomare

Hotel Lungomare isn’t just leisure, it is also specialized in wedding banquets and conventions: elegant and sophisticated atmospheres set as the perfect place to experience special occasions. Our chef Antonio Palmisani is constantly looking to achieve harmony, the result of quality and pure flavours and scents. Excellent homemade products used in the past exalt the aromas and colours of a land that has not forgotten the seamen and farmers from its origins.

Weddings: The beautiful and spacious beach, marvellous Rosa dei Venti dinning room, professional and friendly staff and personalized quality service are elements that make Hotel Lungomare the ideal setting for celebrating special events and making the most beautiful moments in life memorable.

Banquets: A classy atmosphere where glasses are raised, dishes exalt scents of a simple yet sophisticated and light cuisine, faces relax and the pleasure of getting together triumphs. This is available for small and large groups alike (up to 160 people). Conventions: business atmospheres for all your needs where technology and service are combined with the support of efficient and dynamic staff.


Villa Mattioli: The Mattioli Complex is surrounded by nature in a marvellous park and has become the ideal location for conventions, meetings, gala dinners and banquets.

August 15 at Hotel Lungomare: The magic night of the stars. An evening of entertainment and glamour is organized with dinner on the beach, live music and inevitable midnight fireworks.
An unforgettable, entertaining and classy evening – ideal for celebrating the hottest night of the summer!