Sports in Riccione

Riccione’s sports traditions are solid and date back in history. This is the reason behind the city’s stadiums and sports facilities of Olympic quality for almost all sports played in Italy. Italian and European water-sports championships are often held in Riccione. In 2004, Riccione inaugurated a new indoor Olympic-size pool beside its outdoor twin. It has had an 8-lane athletics track for over 30 years, which has allowed increasingly important races to be organized in Riccione. In fact, it was completely upgraded in 2007 and home to the World Masters Athletics Championship.

The charm of the local golf courses has started attracting international players looking to prepare their international tournaments on the Adriatic Riviera, thanks to expansion on Riviera Golf (from 18 to 27 holes) started in 2009 and the investments made by some important local businesspeople.
Some of the most important tourist airports in Italy have allowed the Riviera of Rimini to develop filled with adrenaline for guests looking for thrills every year – certainly flying and skydiving are two of the best examples.


Why not take a look at the initiatives recommended by the airports of the Adriatic Riviera.

Certainly the baseball stadium and the tens of gyms also equipped for the most diverse martial arts (from Karate to Judo, Yoseikan Budo and Aikido) don’t go unnoticed. Over 10 football fields and 5-a-side courts hosting annual international events for athletes of all ages are also most impressive. Those who visit the Green Pearl of the Adriatic most often are cycling-holiday enthusiasts, especially at the beginning and at the end of the summer. They are attracted by the historic charm and scenery of the hinterland in Romagna and the Marche regions and spend entire days along those routes made historic by champion Marco Pantani and the recurring stages of the Tour of Italy.

Every year, the new Federal Squash Centre is home to the Italian individual and team squash championships and to recurring international challenges.