Hotel Lungomare Riccione

Subtle lights, relaxing colors and soft shapes.

Hotel Lungomare in Riccione overlooks a private beach (also the location of the hotel’s pools), offers rooms with a see view and provides sober sophistication in a warm and friendly atmosphere: this is Lungomare style. The stylish effects of the lights in the hotel foyer create a soft and relaxing ambience. During the day, large windows let light into the hotel allowing guests to gaze off into the color of the sea, which is fascinating all year round – cheerful in the summer and romantic in the winter.

Hotel Lungomare is a peaceful oasis in one of Italy’s most popular tourist destinations.

Common areas provide a quiet atmosphere making this location the ideal setting for truly relaxing moments.
Every detail, object and piece of furniture has been tastefully chosen – nothing has been left to chance. Everything is part of a precise setting making Hotel Lungomare a place worth experiencing. This is where you will find the elegance of simple things and entertaining evenings only organized at Hotel Lungomare.

Hotel Lungomare is the right choice whether you are organizing your holidays in the Green Pearl of the Adriatic on occasion of an event in Riccione or you are looking for a location for a convention.
Receptions, cocktails, parties, weddings and seminars: this hotel is one of the most charming places where you can transform your special occasions into successful events.

Riccione, not only the sea but also business events

You may have chosen Riccione due to its closeness to the Fiera di Rimini exhibition centre or because of the relaxing moments offered at the Palacongressi di Riccione convention centre at the end of a business day, but don’t be surprised if you see young and old alike running along Riccione’s new promenade at all hours of the day; every year, Riccione and its Olympic-level sports facilities attract thousands of sports teams and individuals involved in all types of athletic preparation.